Job Order ID: 105
Employment Type: Permanent
Job Location: New York New York
Target Salary: $100,000

Job Function:

  • Responsible for monitoring initial margin levels on new trading activity as well as ongoing monitoring of our trading counterparties margin limits  Coordinate and run the Firm’s cash repatriation process.
  • Coordinate and run the Firm’s currency exposure process, helping identify and hedge unwanted exposures.
  • Prepare the Firm’s daily Margin Equity report that accounts for daily cash movements and trade settlements in order to ensure all trades and cash movements are proper across multiple OTC counterparties and numerous prime brokerage accounts.
  • Review, verify, and act on the Firm’s margin calls with Counterparties.
  • Understand the margin methodologies at different counterparties and make suggestions to optimize collateral usage.
  • Assist the Firm’s CFO in monitoring the capital efficiency of the Firm’s portfolio on a regular basis.
  • Review and effectuate the closing of equity boxes and unsecured debits across the Firm’s Prime Brokers.
  • Monitor securities lending rates to help optimize performance.


  • 5+ years of Treasury experience within the financial services industry, ideally from the buy side
  • Strong cash management and currency experience
  • Strong presentation skills (need to be comfortable) interacting with the company’s most senior leadership