white·cap (n): the physical and visual effect produced when a wave strengthens, growing beyond the point of which it can be contained, breaking free of its constraints

At WhiteCap Search we are breaking away from the traditional approach of agency recruiting to enhance the experience of the job search process. From companies looking to hire top talent, to job seekers looking for the best next step in their careers, WhiteCap Search is focused on finding the optimal fit for all parties involved.

Founded by a diverse team of recruiting experts, we have developed a strong foundational knowledge of each industry for which we recruit. We believe in combining best in class technology with rigid ethical standards to create a positive and tailored approach for each employer and job seeker.

Our Approach

Relationship Focused

WhiteCap’s founding partners have nearly 30 years of combined recruitment experience across diverse lines of business. Over that time, we have developed long-term relationships that help us enhance the experience of job seekers and companies looking to hire new employees through a very personalized approach. We place the utmost value on these relationships and are committed to being long-term partners.


We know that each job search is unique, so we meet with both job seekers and company representatives (HR and hiring managers) in person to get to know them and better understand their objectives. This enables us to match job seekers with positions that are aligned with their career goals while providing companies with applicants who have the skills needed to be successful on their teams.

Unmatched Recruiting Network

Unlike traditional employment agencies, WhiteCap Search uses progressive sourcing techniques, combined with a customized applicant tracking system and advanced data analytics to source the best talent for our clients. Through these innovative approaches, we continue to bridge employment gaps in today’s ever-changing workplace.

Endless Energy

We love what we do and bring an unmatched level of enthusiasm to work each day.  That energy, coupled with extensive industry experience and a targeted approach for each job search, enables us to stay at the forefront of the industry and ahead of our competitors. We pride ourselves on having a strong company culture that is team-driven and focused on the growth and development of our employees. WhiteCap Search is committed to maintaining an elite team of recruiters.