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The WhiteCap Search team is uniquely positioned to handle both permanent and temporary searches for a wide variety of job functions across all industries. We optimize our extensive network and cutting-edge technology to deliver results successfully and seamlessly.

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Direct Hire Recruitment

Utilizing our strong foundational knowledge of each industry for which we recruit, we engage our clients as partners by creating a customized plan for every search. We source job seekers proactively so that employers have unparalleled access to both active and passive job seekers. Our rigorous and consistent screening processes enable us to present top, qualified talent to our clients quickly, making the recruitment process as efficient as possible.

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Temporary Staffing

Our temporary and consulting services provide employers and job seekers with flexibility. Whether it’s providing support during particularly busy times of the year, covering for an employee during a leave of absence or assisting with special projects, we can handle any of our clients’ temporary staffing needs. Additionally, our temporary-to-permanent staffing solutions provide both the job seeker and employer with the ability to evaluate whether they are the right fit for each other before making a long-term commitment.