Written By: Tessa Ganassi, Senior Managing Director

COVID has turned everything upside down, including the job market, and while things have changed and in some cases slowed down it isn’t a reason why you should put your search on hold. To start, companies are still hiring. There are a lot of essential positions that companies still need to keep everything running, and ensure they can welcome employees back when we transition back into our offices. Our Corporate Services team is still making placements, and while being onboarded remotely definitely feels different, clients are doing their best to make it as seamless as possible.

Even if you are a passive seeker, it’s a great time to build relationships with companies and headhunters. Working from home means you don’t have to sneak out of the office or into a conference room to take a phone screen or interview. Having more flexibility should equal less stress and anxiety throughout the process.

Tessa : “In my opinion – there is a lot of unknown around what is happening at the moment, but that is not a reason to put your life and happiness on pause. Eventually we will be back in the office, but for now, we all have to deal with our new “virtual reality”. Even as companies start to transition employees back into the offices, I think most interviews will still be held remotely as a precaution for both employees and candidates. Most clients do prefer to meet candidates in person, so companies will most likely try to hold at least one in-person interview, six-feet away of course. And onboarding and trainings will definitely be done in the office to ensure the new hire has a chance to meet their new colleagues and adapt to their office environment.”