We’re thrilled to share the incredible success of our client’s recent fitness fundraiser in support of SemperK9!

SemperK9 connects service dogs with wounded veterans to make a profound impact on their lives. Our employees embraced the challenge, raising funds to enter themselves into our client’s military-themed workout class in their very own fitness facility. WhiteCap Search is proud to work with clients whose passion for philanthropy (and fun) mirrors our own.

The energy and enthusiasm were palpable as our team came together to break a sweat for a cause close to our hearts. The funds raised during this fitness extravaganza are instrumental in supporting SemperK9’s unique mission. As theĀ SemperK9 website says:

“At SemperK9, rescue dogs aren’t just selected; they’re custom-trained to meet the specific needs of wounded veterans.

What sets SemperK9 apart is their holistic approach. Not only do they provide service dogs, but they also extend their support to the entire family through their Family Integration Program. This program equips caregivers and other family members with the skills needed to actively contribute to the veteran’s recovery through animal-assisted therapy.”

By participating in this charity event, we’ve not only contributed to a noble cause, but also strengthened our bonds. Together, we’ve made a difference, supporting those who have selflessly served our nation.