Dylan was born in Massachusetts, and finished both high school and university in North Carolina. He was an ESL teacher for several years before settling into a sales/marketing role in publishing. The mid-career move transition from education to recruiting was a very natural one. “WhiteCap has had an incredible impact on professional development and I’m incredibly appreciative of the guidance, advice, and resources here.”  

“Dylan joined WhiteCap in May 2021 and has quickly become an integral part of our team by helping to grow our expanding Corporate Services team.  Dylan specializes in recruiting across the Human Resources and Office Support verticals and has become a trusted advisor to both candidates and clients.  He has also grown into a leadership role helping to train and develop newer members of the team and approaches every day with a positive and focused mindset which is contagious. We fully envision Dylan continuing to grow and helping WhiteCap to expand this very important division of our firm.” – Brian Huben, WCS Founding Partner – Financial Services Division Head