As part of our culture series, this week we’re focusing on employment engagement!

A few of the things that make WhiteCap Search a great place to work are the company wide events, quarterly outings and team happy hours we have throughout the year.  One of the events we look forward to most is our Hamptons Vineyard Tour we host every summer.  It’s a great way for all our employees to get together and have the opportunity to bond amongst both their direct teams, as well as other members of WCS, with whom they might not get to see every day.



“The community within WhiteCap Search is something that really stuck out to me since the second I stepped into the office for my initial interview. Everyone is able to thrive off each other’s energy in and outside of the office. This is apparent when we have company events outside the office. About a month ago we went to a Yankee Game. We all took the subway over to the stadium, laughed all afternoon and had a great summer night filled with way too many hotdogs. These events strengthen our relationships and allow our work to be taken to the next level as the support system we have here is uncapped.” – Lauren Ambos Talent Acquisition Coordinator

I like the events that we host or attend as a company because I think it’s a really cool experience. You see all these different people with different backgrounds and different upbringings every day and all you really know about them is what division they are in or their sourcing strategy. These events help make the people we work around more personable as we all are able to communicate and share a part of our personal lives. Also, it’s just great to kick back at times and have a good laugh after a long, hardworking day.” Mizraim Batista Jr. – Senior Staffing Associate – Professional Staffing Services




“I love the super fun and thoughtful company/team outings we have here at Whitecap Search. They give us some time to let loose and get to know each other on a more personal level. I believe these outings are the reason our team operates more like a family. Work can also be fun! “- Andrea Rivera, Senior Staffing Associate – Healthcare







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