As part of our culture series, this week we’re focusing on team culture!   

Here at WhiteCap Search, we thrive on teamwork and cultivating a supportive workspace across all teams. Each of our divisions works closely together toward different goals throughout the day. Whether it’s obtaining new clients, making candidate placements, collaborating on training initiatives, or working on various projects, all our recruiters consistently have a team-oriented mindset. We take pride in the culture we have built and differentiate ourselves from the rest through valuing teamwork and a collaborative environment above all else. 

“In FS we work on all different types and different levels of jobs, but all beat to the same drum.  Brian has our tight knit group focused on WINNING and it is the only thing we do.  We beat out our competitors and get candidates hired because of our attention to detail and willingness to be the best.” Connor Daly, Director, Financial Services 

Here at WhiteCap Search, our team culture is extremely collaborative! We are always bouncing ideas off each other whether it’s where to send a candidate or how to best negotiate deals. We communicate and connect with each other constantly to help everyone learn and grow while bringing new ideas to the table”Jantzen Tetrault, Senior Staffing Associate – Healthcare   




“My division is centered around teamwork, collaboration, and mutual support. As a recruiter, it is extremely rewarding to be an integral part of others’ career growth- that of both my internal team and the candidates whom I place in job positions. It is extremely motivating to see the drive and ambition of those around me towards achieving their career goals, which propels my own drive and ambition. Being a part of Whitecap’s mission has been my most gratifying experience yet and I look forward to developing new ways to add value to my team and firm in the future.” Stephanie Banat, Senior Staffing Associate – Professional Staffing Services   







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