One of the current trends facing our industry is the lack of medical & mental health social workers, especially at some of the premier Hospitals in the Tri-State area.
The Social Worker in a lot of ways is the glue of the interdisciplinary team, accounting for the interests of the patients, all while managing the input of the Doctors, Nurses, Rehab Therapists, the family of the patient and more. Without this role, the various perspectives in a patient’s recovery process will have no mediation, causing unnecessary stress on all parties involved as they compete for total influence.
With experts predicting a tremendous shortage of OB-GYNs in NJ in the next decade combined with Mental Health emergencies and cases on the rise in NYC, WCS Healthcare Partners understands that Social Workers are more important now than ever. We’ve been able to find Social Workers for some of top-of-the-line facilities to mitigate this crisis. If you are interested in learning more about our current healthcare opportunities, please visit our website!