Advice to New Graduate Physicians Seeking Their First Job


Learning about the marketplace that you are interested in is extremely important. This includes the region of the country you are looking at. Cast a wide net and be open to first round interviews, which are a rich source of information. You can narrow your options later with your newfound marketplace knowledge, which will also position you to negotiate effectively once the employer has made an offer.

Prior to interviewing, residents need to know anticipated compensation, procedure requirements, and the potential schedule for the area in which you are looking. Metro areas typically pay less than rural areas due to supply and demand. For inpatient medicine (hospitalists), some regions of the country will consider both IM or FM-trained hospitalists but others (including metro areas) will not.

Some regions will have procedure requirements and it’s wisest to be open to these. Do not make demands regarding what you will and will not do, especially if all hospitals in a region have identical requirements.

Do not discuss compensation or sensitive topics during any part of the interviewing process. Wait until the employer indicates a forthcoming offer before negotiating. If you bring up sensitive topics prematurely, you run the risk of not receiving the most competitive offer or even any offer at all.