On Friday, June 26th, 2020 the WCS team took part in the HRHCare annual East End Fundraiser hosted by Wolffer Wine. This is the 4th year the WCS team has been a sponsor of the event and the organization. This year the event was led by winemaker, Roman Roth and was held virtually.”We are excited to continue our partnership with HRHCare,” Partner Barbara Tamberlane said. “Proceeds from the Honoring the Hands event are supporting HRHCare’s COVID-19 response efforts to provide healthcare for some of the most vulnerable and undeserved populations adversely affected by the pandemic, including the East End’s thousands of agricultural workers and families.” WCS is a full-service temporary staffing and permanent recruitment firm based in New York City. “As the state re-opens, WCS is proud to be a staffing partner and a community partner. Our teamwork with the HR and senior leadership teams at HRHCare allow for the most successful type of partnership,” VP of Staffing Services, Ruth Portnoy said.⠀

The WCS teams are split up into four divisions with unique focuses: Providers (MDs & APRNs), Nursing, Allied Health, and Non-clinical/Operations. “Through our partnership with HRHCare we are able to support the organization by bringing talented clinical professionals and support staff to the organization. It was great to support the organization and their fundraising initiatives. We look forward to the days when this can be in-person again, but showing up virtually was equally important,” Managing Director of Permanent Placement, Madeline Wise said.⠀

“Unfortunately,  March brought forward an unpredictable and universal pandemic. Our team embraced the opportunity to support our valued health system partnerships with critical needs located in it’s epicenter. The team rallied with their recruitment of experienced, local and out-of -state high acuity trained registered nurses, and allied health professionals. The teams diverse network included ICU, Dialysis, Med/Surge, Emergency Room RN’s, with allied healthcare professionals working in Pharmacy, Radiology, Respiratory and Rehabilitation Therapy. These healthcare professionals remain on the front lines, helping combat, contain, and conquer COVID-19 at it’s peak,” Matthew Jordan, Managing Director of Staffing Services said.  In early May of 2020, the census at our partner hospitals leveled off and in many cases began to rapidly decline as the containment efforts started to work. The WCS team began to shift gears towards re-opening strategies and moving towards a more proactive approach.  “WCS Health is excited to help their clients return to work safely. This is a critical time in the world and its our job at WCS Healthcare to provide our clients the knowledge and the staff  to get back to their offices and back to work. We have the ability to offer our clients a unique plan for their specific needs,” said by our Vice President of Staffing Services, Ruth Portnoy.  WCS Healthcare Partners is providing an array of re-opening services and strategies to our corporate partners. Services will include on-site temperature taking, data reporting, symptomatic-based testing, antibody testing all customized to the client’s needs. “The majority of our corporate clients want to bring their workforce back in 2020. They have never had to think about corporate wellness programs or on-site health teams, ” Barbara Tamberlane, Founder and Managing Partner said. “Our focus is to make sure our clients can re-open with a minimal amount of structural change. We are combining this with a cost effective and comprehensive plan possible which minimizes exposure in the work place, but also make employees feel safe returning to work.”  We are providing COVID-19 planning and prevention services to our corporate and healthcare clients.

We Staff:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Medical Assistants
  • Temperature takers
  • Health Screeners
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Data Collection
  • HR Support Staff

Contact us for more information and to discuss a customized plan with our team.