Move over Boston and San Francisco, there is a new powerhouse in the Life Sciences market!
New York City is now home to 5,100 Life Sciences companies, 30 percent more than Boston and has nearly 14,000 more jobs than San Francisco, the second-largest market for Life Sciences. There are several factors facilitating this growth, a $1+ billion public investment by the City of New York, physical infrastructure and market leading academic medical institutions.
The recent investments made into this sector aim to create 40,000 jobs and will continue to change the landscape of how physical spaces are used. With this growing market taking over NYC spaces, more offices and buildings need to be built or reconfigured to meet their unique needs and specifications. WhiteCap Search has positioned themselves to be a leading recruitment agency for many of these Life Sciences companies and will continue to grow into this space. Our Real Estate & Construction team is staying up to date on these needs to best match them with our exemplary candidates, all of whom will ensure top of the line spaces for these growing companies.