Since joining WhiteCap Search in October of 2018, Nick Jecewiz has been building out the Financial Services team primarily focused within the Alternative Investment space. In his role, he partners with Hedge Funds, PE firms, Alternative Asset Managers & Multi-Family Offices. The scope of his work predominantly entails positions within the COO/infrastructure vertical. “Being in a sales position,” he says, “you’re in a constant state of competition with yourself. No day is the same, but the goal is to be better than you were yesterday. In addition to the fast-paced environment that allows me to flex my problem-solving skills, this industry provides me the opportunity to invoke change. It is an honor to be able to positively impact the livelihood of the candidates I connect with.”

Reflecting on the past year, Nick says that “while every firm and team were tested, WhiteCap Search proved that we’re here to stay.” In looking towards the future at WhiteCap, Nick is empowered by the firm’s shared mission across all lines of business whether it’s Accounting & Finance, Healthcare, or Corporate Services. He says that “this provides a strong foundation enabling me to work independently while knowing resources and partnerships are available when needed. It is easy to see the trajectory of success that this firm will follow. I’m excited to be a part of it!”