At the end of February, WhiteCap Search began to roll out our 2022 company-wide training initiatives. These include monthly sessions focused on best practices for computer software usage, ATS/CRM usage, recruiter workflows, and business development, and are a great way both for newer staff to cement their learning and seasoned staff to review the fundamentals of our business.

These training sessions are also an opportunity for staff to step up and hone their public speaking skills in front of peers. On February 23rd Brianna Sturans, Senior Associate in Healthcare Staffing Services, led “Playbook Training” for the whole of WCS’ Temporary Division (Healthcare and Professional Services), which covered WhiteCap’s recruiting process from start to finish.

“It was definitely a challenge worth accepting!” Brianna told us. “It helped me learn more about what it takes to progress as a leader in this rapidly growing company, and it was great to contribute to our educational content.” The lively session allowed staff to engage with colleagues on other teams and gain new insights into best practices, elevating their workflows.

“WCS focuses on providing our staff with continuing education to assure we achieve optimal results. In her first time leading a team training, Brianna did a phenomenal job detailing our operating process and retraining what separates us from our competitors and makes us a leader in the staffing industry,” said Grant Thomas, Senior Managing Director of the Temporary Healthcare Division.