On Friday August 13th, 2021, WCS hosted their 3rd Annual Summer Outing on Long Island’s East End. The teams from the Manhattan and Melville offices came together for the first time since the start of the pandemic to socialize with colleagues and celebrate their impressive growth. The team visited a vineyard and cider factory and enjoyed lunch together. 
“We were excited to be able to host the Summer Outing again and get back to our tradition. It was a great day and I think it’s really important we are able to celebrate our employees’ and company achievements”, remarked Co-Founder and CEO Jerry Battipaglia.
In fewer than 4 years, the WCS team has expanded to 55 staff across Manhattan, Melville (Long Island), and Pittsburgh (PA), with plans to open a branch in New Jersey.
“It has been great to see the growth,” said Barbara Tamberlane, Co-Founder and COO. “Our 2021 photo was 3 times larger than our 2019 photo. I’m really proud of our employees and their work throughout the pandemic. We grew as a company and everyone grew as people – we have a resilient and motivated team. It feels great to be able to celebrate all of the wins.”