With many companies working from home, it has forced us to adjust to video interviewing. While virtual vs in-person interviews are conducted similarly, there are a few aspects that are different virtually to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure you downloaded and tested the video platform, and sign into the meeting 10 minutes before just in case
  2. You should still be fully suited
  3. Know your resume by heart: eye contact is even more important and you don’t want to be looking down the entire time
  4. Avoid taking notes: your interviewer can’t see what you are doing and they will only see the top of your head
  5. Have a glass of water near you but out of the video frame: Do not drink water during the interview, only when interviewers are switching
  6. If you can’t hear or see your interviewer, speak up! It might be awkward to say something, but if you don’t it could cost you the job