Many companies utilize recruitment agencies to help them save time and find the best talent, therefore recruiters become the first round of interviews for any role they are recruiting for. For job seekers, recruiters can give you direct access to hiring managers for positions you won’t find posted, or for the top companies you may have never heard of. Therefore, the relationship you build with your headhunter can help you find (and get) your dream job, but each side must play their part.

Do’s and Don’ts for working with a recruiter:

  • Don’t apply to every job posted, Do pay attention to details of the roles you are applying to (a Portfolio Manager should not be applying to an Executive Assistant position)
  • Don’t use a different first and last name for your signature, resume, and email address; Do be consistent with what name and contact information you use
  • Don’t be unprepared for a call with a recruiter; Do practice describing what you do in your role, and be prepared to answer questions about what you are looking for
  • Don’t just give availability for one day and time, just because you are available Friday at 1pm doesn’t mean your interviewer is; Do always give detailed availability for two weeks
  • Don’t take more than 24 hours to answer your recruiter; Do be available and have a sense of urgency, if you aren’t serious about your search it makes it hard for recruiters to help you