After speaking to thousands of job seekers and hundreds clients, Tessa Ganassi, the SMD of our Corporate Services division, has heard it all and wants to help you take control of your job search. There are so many little tips and tricks that can help streamline your search and give you a better chance of getting hired. We will be posting a few tips once a week, starting with the hardest decision to make: “Should you start job hunting?” Think about how you would answer these five questions to help you decide if you should start a search, if you are a passive or active seeker, and what you are looking for.

5 questions to ask yourself:

  1. Why are you interested in making a change from your current company?
  2. What do you like and dislike about your current position and your current company?
  3. What are you looking to do in your next position?
  4. What are your qualifications to do that job?
  5. If you had the opportunity to do that position with your current company, would you take it?