At WCS Health, we always aim to maintain a true pulse on the healthcare marketplace and hiring shifts. We service the whole tri-state area with every specialty in healthcare, supporting hospitals and groups of all sizes. Everyone is saying that winter never came and as a result, we’ve seen Urgent Care facilities not have the uptick over the winter that they were anticipating. Coupled with Covid and flu case numbers drastically lowering, many urgent care facilities have seen historically low volumes of patients. Many say it is even lower than pre-pandemic volume. Due to these fluctuations, we’ve seen a big shift back to the hospitals and groups hiring for primary care, emergency medicine and specialties. The market is balancing out and wages and compensations expectations seem to be stabilizing.

 WCS Health continues to support all of our client partners with physician openings across all specialties and advanced practice provider needs within primary care and specialty services. Please contact us if you are looking for a role or your organization has hiring needs!