One of the most exciting new initiatives that we have developed in 2020 is the start of our Friday morning pitch meetings! This is a great opportunity for all of the divisions to come together and practice our public speaking, sales techniques and overall understanding of our client base. Each week, two recruiters are chosen at random to present in front of their colleagues. The recruiter will give their opening pitch, as well as describe two open positions that the firm is currently recruiting for. A third recruiter is chosen as the judge to give transparent feedback and pick a “winner” between the two.

The great thing about this meeting is that it allows for the company to circle up and start their Friday with a high-energy event. We hire great people that are outgoing and fun, yet analytical, so while presenting in front of others can be a bit nerve-wracking, it’s a healthy amount of pressure that only brings everyone closer together. We also take great pride in really understanding each of our clients, not just the role itself but the history and selling points of the organization as a whole.

While industry specifics may vary, the concept and approach is the same across all lines of business so it’s always great to have a sense of how people work in other parts of the company. WhiteCap has always promoted this type of learning environment and collaboration and it pushes everyone to be better each day!