Earlier this year, WhiteCap Search launched WOW (Women of WhiteCap), which focuses on the needs of women employees and how we can empower each other in the workplace. Last week was our first quarterly meeting with the topic of goal setting!

“When we launched WCS in 2017, our objective was rapid growth,” Barbara Tamberlane, Founding Partner and COO of WhiteCap Search & WCS Healthcare Partners said. “There are very few recruiting and staffing firms in the Tri-State area that have been able to do what we’ve done from a dead start in under four years in business. We’ve been able to hit and exceed all ofour  annual goals whether it’s related to hiring or revenue targets. Having just crossed the 50-employee threshold, I am particularly proud of the diversity both in terms of our employee base and business lines in such a short period of time.”

With the help of some bagels & coffee, the WOW network broke into groups to discuss our goals, the path to get there, and how to surround ourselves with others who will encourage & support us. Our Corporate Social Responsibility committee was introduced to be able to expand and create practices and policies that are intended to promote volunteerism amongst employees and have a positive influence on the outside world.

“Executive leadership and middle-management within the staffing and recruitment industry is male dominant,” Tamberlane said. “As a female founder, I can say the platform we have is real for women. Women want to know that there is representation at the highest levels where real decisions can be made. It’s a personal objective of mine to create and sustain paths for our female employees to have significant financial security, career upward mobility, and be able to balance their family goals. I think we have tremendous talent that will be the drivers of the next phase of business growth.”

WCS is continuing to hire for all business lines to foster a supportive environment that helps others achieve their goals – both personal and professional. For additional information, please visit: http://whitecapsearch.com/about-us/#work_at_whitecapsearch