The WOW Network held its Q1 meeting on Tuesday April 5th, led by Senior Healthcare Staffing Associate Kimberly Proano. Her presentation focused on tools to build a confident mindset and develop assertive behaviors, and emphasized the importance of work ethic, aggressive goalsetting, and continual self awareness in propelling professional and personal growth.

“A major goal in this presentation was to help my colleagues realize that ups and downs will occur regardless of tenure,” said Proano, “so having a proactive mentality and the tools to navigate the low points is a key indicator of success.”
After the presentation, the Women of WhiteCap broke into groups to further discuss key points and their experiences. Attendees agreed it was a great way for everyone to share and contribute to the discussions.
WOW was founded in early 2021 to empower female employees and foster their personal and professional growth. WhiteCap is continually hiring growth-minded individuals for all business lines who share these values. For more information, please visit: