The WOW Network held its Q2 meeting on Thursday June 23rd, led by Professional Services Staffing Associate, Stephanie Banat. Her presentation focused on the key aspects of maintaining strong external communication (both written and verbal) in the world of Staffing. Some of the major topics discussed were listening skills, relationship building, being assertive vs. aggressive, and most importantly, maintaining confidence.

“My goal in doing this presentation,” Banat explained, “was to provide a refresher for my colleagues on the most effective ways to communicate with candidates and clients in order to be successful in this business. It was amazing to create an open discussion around this and get so much insightful feedback from the group.”

After the presentation, the Women of WhiteCap gathered in the office kitchen to further discuss key points. Attendees agreed it was a great way for everyone to connect on a closer level and learn from one another.

WOW was founded in early 2021 to empower female employees and foster their personal and professional growth. WhiteCap is continually hiring growth-minded individuals for all business lines who share these values. For more information, please visit: