Last month the WOW (Women of WhiteCap) Network held a Q3 roundtable discussion, led by Liz Cross (Director, Recruitment – Accounting & Finance), which focused on helping women improve their workplace perception, confidence, delivery, and career trajectory. Senior leadership also gave their insight on actionable steps women can take to improve work mindset, manager dialogue, personal brand, and emotional intelligence (EQ), and hone leadership skills.

Barbara Tamberlane (COO) and Cross emphasized the importance of being able to read one’s audience and exhibit high EQ. “The ability to accurately ‘read your audience’ and have a high level of ‘EQ’ is what separates good recruiters from great ones, regardless of their backgrounds,” said Cross.

WOW was founded in the beginning of 2021 to empower female employees and foster their personal and professional growth. WhiteCap is continuing to hire growth-minded individuals for all business lines who share these values. For additional information, please visit:

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