This morning WhiteCap Search hosted its quarterly WOW (Women of WhiteCap) networking event. We saw the highest turn out yet when women across our offices arrived to enjoy bagels, coffee and a motivating discussion.

Each woman was encouraged to share her personal and professional goals aloud. One woman said, “Get a promotion come the new year.” Another offered, “Save up enough money to buy a home.” More than a handful wanted to “hone in on a growing skillset.”  Then Barbara Tamberlane, COO and Co-Founder, led the room with anecdotes from her time starting in the industry, the goals she set for herself and her journey to the top. She also gave a few high-achieving employees a chance to share their own strategies and motivations for reaching professional goals as women in the workforce.

The WOW network was founded in early 2021 to empower female employees and foster their personal and professional growth. The WOW network aims to help our employees excel in sales and in business, develop future leaders in our organization and improve our company culture and employee engagement through empowerment and initiatives.

“Women of WhiteCap was an initiative that myself and our COO Barbara knew from day one would be important to the fabric of the company. Seeing the growth of women at our company in terms of headcount, taking on additional responsibilities, and leading/developing full teams and functions has been extraordinary to see over the last six years. I look forward to the room continuing to grow, creating an open forum for women to discuss their personal and professional goals with each other.” – Madeline Cavanaugh, Senior Managing Director of Healthcare Recruitment.

WhiteCap Search is proud to encourage and support our women throughout their careers.