The WOW Network held its Q4 meeting on December 1st, led by our Director of Internal Talent, Victoria McFadden, and Senior Director from our Accounting and Finance Division, Liz Cross.

“Victoria and I decided to focus our presentation on Networking, as it’s often something that people tend to overthink, and for that reason not participate in” explained Cross. “We wanted to make everyone aware that networking is something that everyone can and should take part in, and it’s something that doesn’t need a ton of organization or planning. We also wanted to give everyone examples of ways they can make networking easy and fun through common interests and pre-planned social gatherings. I felt the audience was very engaged during the presentation, and added a lot of perspective to the topics being discussed.”

After the presentation, the Women of WhiteCap gathered in the office kitchen to further discuss key points from the presentation and network internally. Attendees agreed it was a great way to get more comfortable with networking, and to connect with colleagues from other divisions.

WOW was founded in early 2021 to empower female employees and foster their personal and professional growth. WhiteCap is continually hiring like-minded individuals for all business lines who share these values. To learn more about WhiteCap Search, please visit our Career Center.